CORA pilots: 1.5 million EUR from the Danish National Broadband Pool to Djursland

27 January 2020 - Published by Peyman Khodabakhsh
14 new neighbourhoods and villages on Djursland (the two municipalities Norddjurs and Syddjurs) and the small island Anholt will get support from the Danish National Broadband Pool to roll out high speed broadband.

The Broadband Pool Energy Agency has just published the distribution of funds from the 2019 pool. Djursland has received 10.8 million Danish kroner (or circa  EUR 1.5 million) - out of the total pool of 100 million Danish kroner (EUR 13.5 million) for the year 2019. The funds go to 14 rural areas and villages. A total of 500 addresses can now establish fast broadband in areas where it was otherwise not available. All applied projects in Djursland are approved and will receive funding from the pool. Project applications are managed by local enthusiasts, yet they have also received support and advice from a project assistant Henrik Friis Sørensen, who is employed in both municipalities and works for the CORA project.

Mayor Jan Petersen from Norddjurs comments: ”I am very pleased that a number of our villages and rural areas now have the opportunity to get high speed Internet. Good digital infrastructure is crucial when you have to make yourself attractive to new residents and businesses. High praise for the local enthusiasts who have, together with our joint project team, prepared many applications. And then I am also pleased that the broadband project in Anholt with both holiday homes and permanent residences are managed - congratulations to all recipients”. 

Mayor Ole Bollesen from Syddjurs says: ”It is very gratifying to see the new award from the National Broadband Pool. Both ordinary citizens, holiday home owners and businesses will benefit from it. It is also an essential first step towards establishing high speed broadband all over Djursland. We depend on this both in terms of relocation and in relation to our business and tourism development. Congratulations to all, and I look forward to seeing more applications from Djursland in 2020.”

Foto: The mayors on Djursland, Jan Petersen (left) and Ole Bollesen

Broadband Project on Anholt

The Broadband project on Anholt (a small island in the middle of the Kattegat sea) has achieved the target of 230 registered addresses, thus bringing the high-speed network to about 400 all year homes and holiday houses on the island of Anholt in 2020. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Danish fiber network company Fibia, and with great commitment from Anholt Civic Association and local enthusiasts.

On Djursland, 87 percent of all households have had the opportunity of establishing internet speed of 100 Mbps in the past two to three years. The municipalities of Norddjurs and Syddjurs have provided advice and support for local application projects.