CORA extension kick-off: the smart rural journey continues

08 September 2021 - Published by Peyman Khodabakhsh

The CORA extension kick-off gathered partners on 8 September 2021 and focused on aims and planned activities for the extension period. CORA extension is based on the main phase of the CORA project and continues in the spirit and takes the CORA concept to the next level.

We looked into the activities and tools listed in the extension application form. Our Smart Rural Journey will have 7 steps: Maturity check, Testing the model in neighbouring municipalities, Virtual personas, CORA ambassadors, Capacity building, Action plans and Validation. And we had a workshop going deep into the Maturity Analysis Tool, its functionality, questions and presentation of results. The Management, Financial and Communication activities are rolling as well.


We are looking forward to working together for one more year till end of 2022 and towards exciting findings as well as having good time together.