CORA trainings: Physical development of digital hubs

11 February 2020

The working world of the future is digital. Especially rural regions can profit from the advancing digitization.

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CORA trainings: Digital Hubs - Understanding the concept

06 February 2020

Check the online course “Digital Hubs - Understanding the concept”, part of the Digital Services” course series, to learn what a digital hub is and why you may need one in your area.

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CORA pilots: How digital hubs can bridge the urban – rural divide

03 February 2020

The “Be Bold. Be Innovative. Be a Digital Hub” guide provides directions to setting up and running high-tech digital hubs in remote and rural locations, which might otherwise suffer from a lack of dig…

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CORA pilots: Blockchain, what can you do with it? Meetup in Winschoten, Oldambt

29 January 2020

Blockchain expert Robert Schwertner, also known as 'Cryptorobby', discussed with CORA stakeholders and interested entrepreneurs in Winschoten how the Blockchain technology can contribute to the safety…

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CORA pilots: 1.5 million EUR from the Danish National Broadband Pool to Djursland

27 January 2020

14 new neighbourhoods and villages on Djursland (the two municipalities Norddjurs and Syddjurs) and the small island Anholt will get support from the Danish National Broadband Pool to roll out high sp…

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CORA pilots: Did you get a 3D printed gift for Christmas?

09 January 2020

What did you get for Christmas? Some kids in the rural area of Vejle municipality, made a 3D printed gift for their sibling – or for themselves :)

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CORA pilots: a brand new lasercutter for Christmas – a wish came true in Vejle!

20 December 2019

Smidstrup-Skærup school and the libraries in Vejle are collaborating to promote and inspire digital learning.

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CORA pilots: the digital bus in Djursland, DK

22 November 2019

The Digital infrastructure has become as important to us as electricity and water supply. How can we visualize this to the citizens and stress the importance of digital infrastructure in rural areas?

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CORA pilots: Digital learning for local kids and parents in Vejle

14 November 2019

A new digital hub is in the making! In a collaborative effort, the local School in Smidstrup-Skærup and Vejle Library arranged a digital skills workshop at the school’s premises.

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Impressions from the CORA Annual Conference & Partner Meeting, NL

11 November 2019

More than 50 CORA partners and stakeholder met in Groningen and Winschoten, Netherlands, on 6-8 November for the CORA Annual Conference and the Partner Meeting. Digital infrastructure, skills and serv…

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