CORA trainings: a course on Creating a Digital Innovation Culture

23 March 2020

Free training course “Creating a Digital Innovation Culture” will help you identify and assess digital skills, train staff & create sustainable digital innovation culture.

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CORA trainings: free course on digital skills for public authorities

20 March 2020

This online course will improve digital skills of people working for public authorities.

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CORA trainings: free course on digital skills for enterprises

16 March 2020

Join the free training course Digital skills for enterprises and increase your digital performance!

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CORA trainings: Digital skills for local communities

10 March 2020

The free trainings on digital skills for local communities helps you with identify key components of digital competences for citizens, challenges your community faces and practical solutions.

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CORA trainings: Uptake of internet and internet services

26 February 2020

Check how local and regional authorities can enhance uptake of internet and digital services.

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CORA trainings: Digital Hubs - Practical guidance for operations

19 February 2020

Check the 10 steps to set up your digital hub in the CORA online course "Digital Hubs - Practical guidance for operations".

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Uitnodiging: Slim aan de slag met de digitale toekomst van je bedrijf CORA

11 February 2020

Als samenleving zitten we midden in de vierde industriële revolutie. De digitalisering heeft daarbinnen een belangrijke positie. We willen u als ondernemer helpen groeien in de digitale mogelijkheden.…

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CORA trainings: Physical development of digital hubs

11 February 2020

The working world of the future is digital. Especially rural regions can profit from the advancing digitization.

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CORA trainings: Digital Hubs - Understanding the concept

06 February 2020

Check the online course “Digital Hubs - Understanding the concept”, part of the Digital Services” course series, to learn what a digital hub is and why you may need one in your area.

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CORA pilots: How digital hubs can bridge the urban – rural divide

03 February 2020

The “Be Bold. Be Innovative. Be a Digital Hub” guide provides directions to setting up and running high-tech digital hubs in remote and rural locations, which might otherwise suffer from a lack of dig…

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