CORA online courses: Detecting and Preventing Cyber Attacks

14 January 2021

The number and scale of cyber-attacks in the recent past show that not only big companies but also small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in all locations of the world can be the targets of cyber-…

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X-mas Inspirational meeting: looking into the future megatrends

16 December 2020

Partners from the CORA, COM3 & CUPIDO projects met for a X-mas Inspirational meeting. It was great to see all once again this year, keep up the good cooperation spirit and exchange X-mas greetin…

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Fibre from Sweden successfully taken across the border to Norway. First users connected.

08 December 2020

In the CORA pilot “Broadband across border Sweden-Norway”, project partners examined options for connecting rural areas in Norway with broadband (fibre) from Sweden. The pilot provided an opportunity…

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CORA supported the Governmental Day Workshop at FTTH conference

04 December 2020

The “Governmental Day” Workshop, supported by CORA project, took place on 2 December 9:30 to 11:00 in the frame of the FTTH 2020 conference. The workshop attracted more than 130 participants from al…

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CORA online courses: Cyber Security in Industry 4.0

01 December 2020

Have you considered an issue of Cyber Security when thinking about the Industry 4.0?

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Governmental Day Workshop at FTTH conference

25 November 2020

The “Governmental Day” Workshop is an interactive platform for broadband stakeholders in the EU.

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Security in the digital world

05 October 2020

Secure IT network and systems are essential for our daily lives. We want our personal and business communication and data safe.

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CORA online courses: Cyber Security in Internet of Things

22 September 2020

As smart devices get connected and the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming reality, we have to make sure that these networks are safe.

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CORA online courses: Who Are Cyber Criminals?

27 July 2020

Learn about the different types of cyber-attackers as well as their abilities and motivations.

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Let us find new ways to boost digital learning!

15 July 2020

In the light of COVID-19, Vejle libraries had to find new ways.

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