CORA partner meeting & site visit to a cross-border fibre sharing pilot, Norway

Event duration: 3 days
Venue: Finnskogtoppen

The CORA partners will meet up in Hedmark, Norway on 22-24 May 2019. The partners will visit the Kongsvinger municipality, make a site visit to a cross-border fibre sharing pilot and discuss the project implementation.

The remote area of Hedmark, at the border to Sweden, is a place where a cross border fibre sharing pilot is being implemented. The fibre from Sweden will be extended to Norway. Many technical and legal challenges are to be overcome. The partners will visit the border area where the fibre network is to cross the Norwegian-Swedish border.

During the visit in Kongsvinger municipality, CORA partners will get insights into the Kongsvinger Digital Agenda and digital services.

At Finnskogtoppen the project partners will also discuss the progress of their pilot activities and upcoming project milestones.