Welcome to the CORA project (COnnecting Remote Areas with digital infrastructure and services). Closing the digital divide

Digital divide across rural areas of the North Sea Region is limiting their attractiveness for families and businesses. The proper digital infrastructure does not exist. Digital skills are not developed enough. Local authorities are often not aware of their future-coming digital needs and end-users have limited skills to create an effective level of demand.

Against this background, the CORA project will stimulate digital infrastructure, services and skills in rural areas with a total budget of 3.845.736€ from which 50% are co-financed by the Interreg North Sea Region Programme. The CORA partnership comprises a transnational consortium of 18 partners from seven European member states. CORA partners will help local authorities to identify their common challenges and empower them to exchange experiences, test innovative solutions and create an advanced digital environment. To do so, CORA emphasizes the main components of digital divide, namely lack of digital infrastructure, services and skills.

Latest Project News

CORA online courses: Cyber Attack Vectors

16 June 2020

Check the free online course on Cyber Attack Vectors and learn about your vulnerable spots and how you could be attacked by a cyber-criminal.

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Smart Regions: lets develop the digital future for rural areas together

04 June 2020

CORA showcased at the DIGITAL FUTUREcongress virtual. Smart Regions mean digital future of rural areas.

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Noorderpoort students share digital skills with Winschoten24.nl entrepreneurs

03 June 2020

The “buddy project” is a trial, where students are linked to entrepreneurs who need guidance in digitisation.

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Online CORA partner meeting: virtual conference, real progress

12 May 2020

CORA partners met on 12 of May for an online meeting to look into the project activities and plan the next implementation steps. The pilot activities …

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CORA trainings: Broadband deployment methods

07 May 2020

Check the free online course on Broadband deployment methods and learn about traditional and alternative deployment methods, their advantages and disa…

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