Intercommunale Leiedal

Intercommunal Leiedal

About the partner

Leiedal is the regional public partner for 13 municipalities in South-West Flanders. Its core activity is urban and regional development. To make regional planning attractive, sustainable and competitive, Leiedal aims to develop a smart region, where innovation is crucial. Among others, Leiedal plans to create future-proof business parks, where the involved companies have the competencies to be efficient, lean, sustainable and future-proof.

Role in CO

Intercommunal Leiedal is the Lead Beneficiary in COM³ and coordinates all project management tasks jointly with atene KOM. In cooperation with Designregio Kortrijk, Leiedal carries out a regional pilot with the focus on providing open public data platforms and its utilization for different purposes in the Leiedal business park. Furthermore, Leiedal contributes to mainstreaming the COM³ findings to other regions, national authorities in Belgium and at EU level.