COM³ Training Solution: Helping SMEs Deal with Information Overload

27 June 2022 - Published by P. Khodabakhsh
COM³ partners at the Alexanderson Institute, Sweden, have created a comprehensive training solution for local and regional authorities, and business support organisations who want to help SMEs deal with information overload.

Buzzwords can be intimidating. Digitalisation, Machine Learning, Data-Driven or GDPR: small businesses are often confronted with these topics, and left with not much more than a vague informal or even legal obligation to “adopt” them.

In this context, the role of business support organisations, including local and regional authorities is crucial. They should empower local businesses, help them understand these burning topics, and filter which ones are relevant for them.

COM³ partners at the Alexanderson Institute created a practical guide meant for local and regional authorities who want to accompany their local businesses and help them navigate the new digital trends.

Through four easy-to-follow steps, staff and developers in municipalities, regions, and business support organisations, will be able to create their own support strategy in a time of information overload.

The e-learning course is freely available on the platform

The Alexanderson Institute and all COM³ partners are developing further training solutions for COM³ pilot regions and anyone who want to facilitate the tech-adoption of small business in rural areas. New training modules about rural digital entrepreneurial ecosystem, cybersecurity, and more are available here.