COM³ Training Solution: Data Breach and Privacy Leak Awareness

29 March 2023 - Published by P. Khodabakhsh
COM³ has developed a training solution that raises awareness about the impact of data leaks and the risks of having a privacy leak. Small companies, like any other organisations, are also vulnerable to these risks and should have the right tools to protect themselves.

In today's digital era, data is considered a valued asset. Companies and organisations affected by data leaks incur costs of up to $150Million per year in compensation worldwide. Moreover, adversaries leverage poor practices and gaps in digital infrastructure to plan their exploits.

Aalborg University has developed a e-learning course, which provides insight into the impact of data leaks and the risks of having a privacy leak. The course also provides an understanding of data leaks happen and how to identify or mitigate them.

The course is designed for staff in small companies, as well as for staff and developers in municipalities, regions and business support organisations.

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Aalborg University


Aalborg University has a comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the field of internet services and applications, including the take-up of new technologies in the industry such as industry 4.0 and internet of things. It has set a strategic focus on cybersecurity and contributes to several initiatives and projects. In COM³, Aalborg University brings its expertise and helps develop support measures so that SMEs can adopt new technologies in a safe environment.

In this context, Shreyas Srinivasa, PhD researcher at Aalborg University, already created a training module “Cybersecurity Readiness through Honeypots“ to help participants understand the importance of cybersecurity and give them keys to use defensive tools like honeypots for early detection of threats.

Through this e-learning module, participants will gain a better understanding of defensive security systems. These facilitate defending against Internet and Cyberattacks by early detection of threats. They also help in administration of security settings in the organization digital infrastructure.

The training module is freely available here.