COM³ Training Solution: Building an Effective Business Stakeholder Network

22 July 2022 - Published by P. Khodabakhsh
COM³ partners at the Cluster on Industrial Asset Management (CIAM) and the University of Stavanger, Norway, have created a comprehensive training solution for local and regional authorities, and business support organisations. Staff and developers will learn how a stakeholder network works and how it can energise a rural entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In an ever more digital world, SMEs in rural areas are faced with many uncertainties. To stay competitive, they need to constantly improve their digital readiness. Public authorities and business support organisations can help them to stay up to date. In this context, they can involve them in a dynamic and service-oriented stakeholder network.

COM³ partners at CIAM and the University of Stavanger, Norway, created a practical guide meant for local and regional authorities who want to accompany their local businesses and help them navigate the new digital trends.

The e-learning course is freely available here and on the platform In this course, staff and developers in municipalities, regions, and business support organisations will get a good overview of what a network and stakeholders are. The course defines the purpose of a stakeholder network, its different types, as well as its main benefits and problems. It also gives you the keys to building and developing a new network.

Furthermore, the course provides an overview of what a digital strategy is and how organisations can establish theirs, relying on Lean and Agile processes.

COM³ Training Solutions and Support Model

CIAM, the University of Stavanger and all COM³ partners are developing further training solutions for COM³ pilot regions and anyone who want to facilitate the tech-adoption of small business in rural areas. New training modules about rural digital entrepreneurial ecosystem, cybersecurity, and more are available here.

About CIAM

CIAM has developed and shared knowledge about industrial asset management for 20 years. It acts as a collaboration network between member companies and the University of Stavanger. A majority of the members are active in the development and operation of North Sea petroleum. And most of the companies are in the process of digitizing their activities.

In COM³, CIAM focuses on enhancing the collaboration of regional enterprises with the university and its HUB structure.