COM³ together - How can we innovate & grow with open data?

28 October 2022 - Published by P. Khodabakhsh
The potential of open data for small businesses in the North Sea Region is huge. However, the topic can be intimidating for many. On 8 November, the Alexanderson Institute intends to democratize this hot topic and give everyone the chance to understand it. Registrations are now open for the online event.

It is happening! On 8 November at 14:00, the COM³ partners at the Alexanderson Institute invite small businesses, local and regional authorities but also business support organisations to join the COM³ together matchmaking event around open data.

The online event will feature professionals and practitioners who will answer the question: “How can we innovate & grow with open data?”


Registrations for the online event are open.


The event is part of a series of 3 matchmaking sessions organised by the COM³ partners at the Alexanderson Institute.

The first session took place on 26 October and addresses the topic "How to build a tech community?".

The third event will take place on 5 December and will focus on regenerative tourism in rural areas.

Register now and choose to attend just one event or more!