COM³ Summer Road Trip

14 July 2022 - Published by P. Khodabakhsh
This summer, COM³ partners take you on a digital road trip around the North Sea Region. Explore our nine pilot regions and learn how local and regional public authorities create a dynamic environment in which rural SMEs can make the most of digital opportunities.

In an ever more digital world, SMEs in rural areas are faced with many uncertainties. To stay competitive, they need to constantly improve their digital readiness. Public authorities and business support organisations often don’t have the right tools and competencies to support rural SMEs on this journey.

In this context, COM³ partners have been testing various innovative solutions developed in real use cases. They are developing a unique support model to empower local and regional public authorities in their role as innovation facilitators and enablers. Thanks to best practices, training, and coaching solutions, staff and developers in municipalities and regions get the relevant skills to efficiently support SMEs.

This summer, COM³ partners organise a digital road trip to showcase the best practices in its nine pilot regions. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter and learn more about our real use cases and training solutions.