COM³ Success: COM³ Support Model Launches, Empowering Small Companies on Their Digital Transformation Journey

19 June 2023 - Published by P. Khodabakhsh
After four years of dedicated hard work, the COM³ project is thrilled to announce that the COM³ Support Model is officially live! The online tool aims to revolutionize the support provided to small companies as they embark on their transformative digital journeys.

The COM³ project aims to redefine how staff members in municipalities, regions, and business support organisations provide assistance to local enterprises in rural areas. From assessing the unique needs of each company to implementing tailored business support initiatives, COM³ draws upon the best practices and invaluable lessons learned from the nine pilot regions involved in the project. Key focus areas of the COM³ model include networking and connections, utilisation of data, skill development, and customized business support initiatives, and assessment methods.


COM³ support model

Click on the image to access the COM³ support model


The COM³ support model includes no less than 15 e-learning courses that are freely available for anyone willing to support small companies. It also offers a variety of quick win strategies to guide staff in municipalities, regions and business support organisations in their efforts toward tech-enabled companies. 


The COM³ support model has been developed by the 19 COM³ partners:


COM³ partners in Europe