COM³ pilots: Workshops on digitalization of companies in Rogaland

18 June 2021 - Published by P. Khodabakhsh
In the COM³ Pilot in Rogaland, Norway, the University of Stavanger and the Cluster for Industrial Asset Management (CIAM) focus on bringing together smaller and larger businesses, the university and municipalities in a series of seminars, workshops and company visits in order to spread knowledge on utilizing digital technologies.

The COM³ pilot in Rogaland aims at facilitating development by collaboration between larger and smaller companies. For this purpose, the University of Stavanger and the Cluster for Industrial Asset Management (CIAM) are organizing several activities and events, like digital Lunch & Learn webinars, where companies or academics present relevant topics and exchange during lunchtime.

In addition, the partners offer two series of physical workshops to build competences and encourage competitive digitalization in the companies. Due to Covid 19, these workshops will start in September 2021.

One of the workshop series will run together with the Chamber of Commerce in the rural area of Egersund and will consist in three extended breakfast meetings.

The other workshop series is organized in collaboration with SKAPE, a support organization of the Rogaland County for start-ups and smaller companies. This will be three full-day workshops with competence building for companies and intermediates.

Both series will follow the same structure:

Workshop 1: Participants are encouraged to reflect upon: Who is your customer, What do you do for your customer, How does your customer acquire your product, etc., based on  “A Systematic Approach for Building Innovative Products and Ventures” by  Bill Aulet, Sloan School of Management, MIT.

Workshop 2: The participants will reflect upon their deliveries and processes based on LEAN management approach and tools.

Workshop 3: Building on the company presentations after Day 1 and Day 2, the participants will exchange ideas and think on how digitalization is relevant for them, given the characteristics of their customers and processes.

Participants are challenged to do a short presentation in the second workshop of what is relevant for them regarding workshop 1, and similar in the third workshop regarding topics from workshop 2.