COM³ Pilots: with CIAM, Small Businesses Can Learn More About Digital Twins Made in Norway

30 November 2021 - Published by P. Khodabakhsh
COM³ partners at CIAM – Cluster on Industrial Asset Management – organized on 30 November 2021 a webinar on digital twins of a gas processing plant. What does it look like, and how can we utilize this technology to increase value, safety, and simplify work processes?

As part of the CIAM HUB for Data Management, COM³ partners at CIAM invited Mariann Forsberg, Delivery Lead, Nyhamna Dynamic Digital Twin and Endre Nisja, IM Lead at Shell Norway, to give a presentation about the first “reservoir to market” Dynamic Digital Twin at the Nyhamna gas plant. The presenters shared their experience of the journey towards a more digital future.

About the CIAM HUB for Data Management

The emergence of novel data management platforms together with electronic capabilities has introduced new operational scenarios in almost all business sectors.

The impact of data and IT in technical and operational decision processes has grown considerably, and it will be even more in the future where real-time online data dependent decision processes emerge gradually. The innovation in this context has also introduced many challenges varying from security to trust related issues.

The purpose of this forum is to enable those who have passion, interests, and responsibilities in data and IT sector to join hands in exploring opportunities to make a difference in dealing with smart data in industrial environments.

Source: CIAM website