COM³ pilots: kick-off for "Imagineering of Data" programme

18 November 2020 - Published by P. Khodabakhsh
On 12 November 2020, COM³ partners Intercommunale Leiedal and Designregio Kortrijk organised a webinar to kick-off their local pilot activity "Imagineering of Data". In this 1.5 years programme, companies and organisations are invited to work with their own and open data in order to achieve unseen results in the form of a product, service or process that is innovative, socially and economically sustainable.

During the webinar the outline of the programme was introduced and 3 guest speakers elaborated on the specific topics of data such as socio-economic and technical impact and through inspiring use cases.

Watch the below clip for a recording of the webinar (in Flemish):

Next steps

In February 2021, the programme will launch its data co-creation phase by means of several workshops, brainstorming sessions and a datathon. During this phase, the companies, guided by data and design thinking experts, will look into available datasets, analyse the value of the data and the achievability of first ideas that resulted from the first sessions.

Interested? More information on the "Imageneering of Data" programme is available at