COM³ pilots: Interviews yield valuable insights for Vinje and USN pilot

24 February 2021 - Published by P. Khodabakhsh
The Vinje and USN pilot has conducted a series of in-depth interviews to uncover needs and challenges in the local business community.

“Since our kick-off meeting in November 2020, we have been gathering insights about the needs and challenges of the project participants. Due to Covid-19, we decided to do separate in-depth interviews instead of a workshop. Twelve companies have kindly put aside some time in their busy schedules to let us interview them. The interviews gave us some very useful input”, says Kyrre Hegg, project manager at Vinje municipality.

The interviews revolved around needs and challenges in key areas derived from the kick-off meeting, which included marketing, information technology, information security, recruitment and local collaboration.

“We now have a good basis for the ideation phase of the pilot, which will consist of a series of workshops with project partners during spring 2021. We also look forward to sharing and discussing findings with our European project partners going forward”, says Kyrre.

COM³ pilot as part of strategic reorganization

Vinje municipality is in the process of reorganizing its work with business support. Key plans and strategies will be subject to revision in the coming years. The Vinje and USN pilot aims to feed into this process and help strengthen Vinje municipality’s role as a hub, partner and facilitator for the local business community. 

“The timing of the COM³ project couldn’t have been better for us. We intend to actively use the COM³ network and resources as part of our work to reshape the way we provide business support. We therefore expect some real impact of the COM³ project in Vinje”, says Anders Sandvik, project owner in Vinje municipality.

The pilot participants in Vinje

  • Fristadsenteret – shopping mall
  • Groven camping og hyttegrend – accommodation, activities and tourist information
  • Haukeli hotell accommodation and restaurant
  • Haukelibue – giftshop and tourist information
  • Haukelifjell skisenter – alpine skiing
  • Heimat – restaurant
  • Mjonøy – accommodation, bakery and restaurant
  • Rauland høgfjellshotell – accommodation and restaurant
  • Raulandsakademiet – courses, venues and accommodation
  • Raulandsfjell – alpine skiing
  • Silkevippa – giftshop
  • Uliveti – distribution arm of Norwegian-Italian producer of olive products