COM³ Partners Digitally Meet in Vejle, Denmark

17 March 2023 - Published by P. Khodabakhsh
COM³ partners digitally met on 15 March 2023. On the agenda: new training solutions for staff and developers in municipalities, regions and business organisations!

COM³ partners met on 15 March 2023. The meeting, virtually hosted by Vejle Municipality, Denmark offered the opportunity to discuss the latest development in the COM³ support model and the new training solutions. COM³ partners are developing together a support model, which strengthens and empowers local and regional authorities and business support organisations in their role as facilitators for the tech-adoption of small business in rural areas. They developed and are constantly enriching the learning platform

On the platform, staff and developers from municipalities, regions and business support organisations can find inspiration and training solutions to tech-enable local companies in their area. The COM³ partners recently published three new training solutions:  





COM³ partners keep developing new training solutions. Shreyas Srinivasa, from Aalborg University, gave a live-dem of a e-learning course to published soon about "Threat Reduction and Self-assessment for SMEs". This very practice-oriented training material, provides tools and methods for SMEs to identify potential risks in their digital infrastructure. It will be soon avaialble on the learning platform


During, the meeting, the COM³ partners could enjoy a digital of the city of Vejle and visited the hotspots for business support, such as the Dandy Business Park which hosts small as well as global market players, or the AI Innovation House

They also learned more about the COM³ regional pilot run by the municipality. The pilot aims at improving the capacity of the local business service to address digital and sustainable innovation potentials in local SMEs. The ambition is that all employees  share the same process when approaching local SMEs:

  1. Gain a first understanding of the company – even before the first meeting,
  2. Identify the needs and potentials of the company – via active listening,
  3. Provide business support – matchmaking with external consultants and universities, funding opportunities,
  4. Evaluate and assess the support that was provided.

Eventually, partners discussed the next steps in the project and generated exciting ideas for the COM³ final conference, that will be held on 21 June 2023. Save the date and stay tuned for more information!