COM³ Good Practice: Empowering Small Companies through Networking and Connections in Vinje, Norway

26 May 2023 - Published by P. Khodabakhsh
Vinje is a rural community, nestled in the scenic region of Vestfold and Telemark in southern Norway. With regional pilot, COM³ partners in the municipality supporting local businesses on their digital transformation journey. At the forefront of this initiative is Kyrre Einar Hegg, the project manager for the business support department at Vinje kommune and a valuable partner of the COM³ project.

One of the general challenges emphasised by businesses in Vinje is limited access to key resources for development, including skilled labour, competencies, and networking opportunities. This challenge is accentuated by global trends, such as the rapid digitalisation of our society.

As part of the COM³ project, the Municipality decided to strengthen Vinje's role as a hub and advocate for local companies. By providing comprehensive support, training, and funding opportunities, they have empowered businesses to embrace digital technologies and thrive in an increasingly connected world.

One of the key achievements in Vinje has been the implementation of an informative newsletter that disseminates updates on various forms of assistance available to local businesses. This resource keeps companies informed about the latest support programs, training initiatives, and funding opportunities, enabling them to seize growth prospects and navigate the digital landscape effectively.

In addition to the newsletter, Kyrre and his team have established a meeting arena where companies can access expert knowledge, exchange ideas, and network with fellow professionals. This dynamic space encourages collaboration and facilitates the exchange of best practices, allowing businesses in Vinje to learn from one another . The meeting arena has become a valuable platform for entrepreneurs and business owners to expand their networks.

Kyrre Einar Hegg, project manager at Vinje Municipality


Listen to Kyrre Einar Hegg in this short video: