COM³ goes Halland Tech Week

22 October 2020 - Published by P. Khodabakhsh
The 6-9th October 2020, the first ever version of Halland Tech Week was held. Four days and 24 events filled with competence development, inspiration, networking and new perspectives. One of the events was organized by COM³ and the Alexanderson Institute. The project partner Aalborg University and Shreyas Srinavasa, PhD, was invited to hold a seminar focusing on cyber security and how to protect your business.

The use of technology and digitization has enabled productive operations for small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs). However, rapid growth in computing technology and application vulnerabilities have led to increased cyber-attacks that cause a high impact on business operations. Businesses tend to focus on their growth and ignore cyber security in their planning portfolio. In Shreya’s presentation, you got to understand the importance of cyber security, its impacts, and the means for early detection of cyber attacks. Further, the presentation also showcased some techniques used by cyber offenders to plan their attacks on enterprises and understand the anatomy of a cyber-attack.

The event gathered 39 participants from five countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherland and Belgium) and included participant from academia, private sector and public sector. The participants were also showcased steps that can help SMEs to protect their business.

In COM³, our partner Aalborg University is developing interactive trainings and guiding measures related to various aspects of cyber security. So stay tuned for further announcements on the upcoming public release!

Find out more about Halland Tech Week here.