Alexanderson Institute Shares COM³ Project Results and Quick-Win Strategies with International Network in Halland

04 May 2023 - Published by P. Khodabakhsh
The Alexanderson Institute, a partner of the Interreg North Sea project COM³, recently shared its experiences and insights in front of the international network of Halland, Sweden. The Institute shared the results and lessons learned from the COM³ project and also distributed the Quick-Win strategies to all the participants.

In this fast-paced world where globalisation and digitalisation are ever-growing, digital skills have become an inevitable prerequisite for enterprises no matter their size or business sector. The Alexanderson Institute has coordinated a series of five quick-win strategies to help municipalities, regions, and business support organisations accompany small companies on their digital transformation.

During the presentation to the international network of Halland, the Alexanderson Institute shared the success stories and challenges encountered during the implementation of the COM³ project. They also discussed the importance of digitalisation to reduce isolation of small companies in rural areas and its potential for more competitivity.

The quick-win strategies coordinated by the Alexanderson Institute were also shared with the participants during the event. These strategies provide tips to municipalities, regions, and business support organisations to integrate digital tools into companies' and organisations' operations.

Overall, the presentation by the Alexanderson Institute was well-received by the participants, who were impressed by the results and lessons learned from the COM³ project. The Quick-Win strategies were also highly appreciated as a valuable tool.


The Alexanderson Institute presnts the quick-win strategies


the Alexanderson Institute

The Alexanderson Institute is located in the Halland region in the southwestern part of Sweden. It is committed to providing competitive knowledge that the world around us can benefit from, helping to promote growth and development. The Alexanderson Institute intensively contributes to developing the COM³ support model, creating two training solutions:

Using its wide network, the institute takes a mediator role in the Halland region among companies and organisations. What is more, the Alexanderson Institute leads the project activities related to mainstreaming COM³ results on rural business digitalisation.