COM³ Training Solution: New Look for "How to organize successful business matchmaking events"

20 April 2023

COM³ partners at the Alexanderson Institute, Sweden, have created a short training solution for local and regional authorities, and business support organisations who want to organise business matchma…

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COM³ Quick-Win Strategy: Be Cyber aware, Stay Safe!

14 April 2023

COM³ partners have developed a series of five quick-win strategies to help municipalities, regions and business support organisations accompany small companies on their digital transformation. As the…

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COM³ Training Solution: COM³ Launches New E-Learning Course to Help Rural Businesses Thrive in the Digital Age

13 April 2023

Staff and developers in municipalities, regions, and business support organisations work hard to make their regions attractive places to live, work, and invest in. Local businesses – as providers of s…

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COM³ Training Solution: When Students Boost Small Companies

03 April 2023

Small companies, big ideas! When students bring their innovative minds to the table, the possibilities for growth and success are endless. The COM³ partners show how student-based projects benefit not…

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COM³ Quick-Win Strategy: Supporting Small Businesses in their Digital Transformation

31 March 2023

In this fast-paced world where globalisation and digitalisation are ever-growing, digital skills have become an inevitable prerequisite for enterprises no matter size or business sector. COM³ partners…

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COM³ Training Solution: Data Breach and Privacy Leak Awareness

29 March 2023

COM³ has developed a training solution that raises awareness about the impact of data leaks and the risks of having a privacy leak. Small companies, like any other organisations, are also vulnerable t…

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COM³ Partners Digitally Meet in Vejle, Denmark

17 March 2023

COM³ partners digitally met on 15 March 2023. On the agenda: new training solutions for staff and developers in municipalities, regions and business organisations!

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COM³ Pilot: More than 700 students scan the digitalisation landscape in Rogaland

10 March 2023

"How visible is my company online?" "What can people learn about my business from publicly available sources?" - These questions are key for entrepreneurs. 142 companies from the Rogaland region, in …

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COM³ Pilot: Recruitment and Competency Building on the Agenda at Business Support Meeting in Vinje

01 March 2023

How can local and regional authorities help businesses get access to the workforce and competencies they need? This was the main topic of discussion at Vinje municipality’s latest business support mee…

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COM³ Training Solution: Public Data Platforms as Drivers of Economic Development

22 February 2023

COM³ has developed a training solution that raises awareness about the potential of open data for employees and developers in communities and regions. The training module provides suggestions and reco…

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