COM³ pilots: fostering data driven regional development in the province of Drenthe

09 July 2020

What exactly does ‘data driven regional development’ mean? For the Province of Drenthe this means that the data science department will support other departments, partner organizations and local SMEs …

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COM³ pilots: How UoL4.0 Challenge builds a digitally-enabled Lincolnshire

19 June 2020

To date, more than 200 students at the University of Lincoln have worked together with 7 SMEs to develop digital solutions to real-world business challenges. These are some of the lessons learned in t…

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COM³ pilots: better WiFi access for visitors and local businesses

19 May 2020

The COM³ pilot in Torsby has now reached a first milestone: public WiFi access points have been installed to provide a better internet connection and a gateway to local digital services.

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Creating a dynamic environment for rural SMEs – the COM³ regional pilots

08 January 2020

How will COM³ improve the possibilities for rural SMEs to make the most of digital opportunities? Our partners reflect on the impact they expect COM³ to have on their region in a new video series on t…

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Kick-off for COM³: towards digitally transformed SMEs in the North Sea Region

29 October 2019

How can local and regional authorities support the digital transformation of SMEs and thereby make rural areas more attractive places to live, work and invest in? This question guides the work of the …

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