COM³ Book

COM³ partners strengthen and empower local and regional public authorities and business support organisations in their role as facilitators for the tech-adoption of small business in rural areas.

Under the guidance of the Alexanderson Institute, COM³ partners created the COM³ method book, a tool to inspire and promote a new mindset wen it comes to business support for companies in rural areas.


COM³ Book

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The Alexanderson Institute

The Alexanderson Institute is located in the Halland region in the southwestern part of Sweden. It is committed to providing competitive knowledge that the world around us can benefit from, helping to promote growth and development. The Alexanderson Institute intensively contributes to developing the COM³ support model, creating two training solutions:

Using its wide network, the institute takes a mediator role in the Halland region among companies and organisations. What is more, the Alexanderson Institute leads the project activities related to mainstreaming COM³ results on rural business digital