Creating a COM³ support model

COM³ project partners are jointly developing a support model, which strengthens and empowers local and regional authorities and business support organisations in their role as facilitators for the tech-adoption of local rural enterprises.

But what are actually the most important needs and challenges of rural businesses in the North Sea Region when it comes to tech-adoption? In a series of local design thinking workshops in the COM3 pilot regions, local and regional authorities, rural businesses and business support organisations will come together to  capture an in-depth understanding of the SMEs’ needs in the area. COM3 project partners will further explore the needs and barriers of rural businesses by means of an online survey.

The knowledge gained in the design thinking workshops and survey will then form the basis for building a support model that responds to the identified needs and challenges. This support model will consist of guiding measures, targeted coaching as well as training solutions. As part of the COM3 support model, it is foreseen to develop training solutions in the following topical areas:

  • Rural digital entrepreneurial ecosystem,
  • Using local capacities in developing tech-enabled & tech-branded regions,
  • Regulatory support & access to finance,
  • ICT security concerns,
  • Connected hubs concept.