Creating a COM³ support model

COM³ project partners are developing together a support model, which strengthens and empowers local and regional authorities and business support organisations in their role as facilitators for the tech-adoption of small business in rural areas.

What are actually the most important needs and challenges of rural businesses in the North Sea Region when it comes to tech-adoption? Through an online survey and a series of in-depth interviews with key stakeholders in the COM³ pilot regions – local and regional authorities and business support organisations – academic partners were able to gain a thorough understanding of the SMEs’ needs in the area.

Check their findings in the latest report by the University of Groningen.

These results form the basis for building a support model that responds to the identified needs and challenges. Check the training solutions that will help you tackle your challenges:




COM³ partners are currently developing the following training solutions:

  • Data Breach and Privacy Leak Awareness

  • Threat Identification & Self Assessment for SMEs

  • How to instead of Oh no - how to deal with information overlaod

  • Matchmaking & Facilitating Peer Learning between SMEs to promote technology adoption

  • Data utilisation

  • The role of municipalities in business support (study case compilation)

  • Rural digital entrepreneurialecosystem

  • COVID-19 implications and resilient approaches
  • How to engage hard-to-reach SMEs in digital business support

  • Engaging SMEs in student-based projects to develop digital solutions
  • Developing university-government partnerships to deliver digital business support

  • Digital Hubs – ensuring buy-in and engagement

  • Establishing effective business/stakeholders networks to underpin regional digital strategies