Utilizing open data in product and service design

The region of South-West Flanders is well-known for product design. With their regional pilot, COM³ partners Intercommunal Leiedal and Designregio Kortrijk therefore aim to stimulate innovation in product design related sectors.

A key element of the Belgian pilot, GOD – ImaGineering Of Data, is to develop an open data platform integrating relevant region-al, geographical and statistical information. This data-as-a-service platform will have different func-tionalities such as data capturing, data transformation, data publication, data visualisation and data analysis. The platform shall be used by the design and creatives industries in the region. To support potential users from these sectors, a coaching programme related to the open data platform will be developed. Regional expert coaches will be responsible for raising the awareness and building local municipalities’ and companies’ competences with a view to effective use of data for developing innovative product and services.

Learn about IGOD – ImaGineering Of Data