Digital solutions for promotion and purchase of local products

Similar to many rural areas, the Northern German collective municipality Hüttener Berge has difficulties in terms of activating the local economy to use new digital media and services. An important goal of the municipal digital agenda is thus to connect regional producers, retailers and local crafts with each other and with their (potential) customers.

In the framework of the German regional COM³ pilot, Amt Hüttener Berge is developing and testing an integrated online platform which offers improved access to regional products and services – for citizens, guests and commercial customers in the region. This “shopping in my village” service, named in German Heimatware, allows customers to create individual interest profiles and – if desired – to receive tailor made personal offers. The local online shopping functions are combined with a delivery service that enables domestic companies to compete with bigger online portals that operate across local boundaries. The conception of the platform and the distribution logistics as well as the storage possibilities (e.g. pick up stations) are being developed with the participation of the businesses and the local community in a bottom-up and design thinking process. 





undefined The Northern German collective municipality Hüttener Berge officially launched its online marketplace “Heimatware" on 17 May 2021.