Digitally enabled and transformed SMEs make rural areas more attractive places to live, work and invest in. Local and regional authorities need the right tools and competencies for supporting rural enterprises in their digital transformation.

COM³ partners develop a unique support model that strengthens and empowers local and regional actors in their role as innovation facilitators and enablers.

Nine COM³ pilot regions in all North Sea Region countries show the way and test the solutions developed by COM³ partners in real use cases.

Welcome on our journey towards tech-enabled and tech-branded rural areas in the North Sea Region!


Test our training solutions:

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Latest Project News

COM³ Summer Comes to an End

13 September 2022

This summer, COM³ partners took you on a digital road trip around the North Sea Region. They explored the nine pilot regions and show how local and r…

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COM³ Pilots: Quality Improvement for All Companies

07 September 2022

Quality Improvement is part of every company's essential processes. This CIAM meeting presents the UiS and the Gdansk University of Technology Edu4QI-…

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#EURegionsWeek 2022 - Join COM³ and "Embark on Your Smart Rural Journey"

31 August 2022

COM³ partners Intercommunale Leiedal (Belgium), Vinje (Norway), and atene KOM (Germany) present the learning platform " - a tool for mu…

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COM³ Pilots: CIAM Lunch & Learn Event about New Standard for Corrosion Management

29 August 2022

On 15 September 2022, from 11:30 - 12:00 the COM³ Partners at CIAM – Cluster on Industrial Asset Management – will discuss, in a webinar, the increasi…

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COM³ Training Solution: Designing Support Measures for a Rural Digital Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

16 August 2022

COM³ partners at the University of Groningen have developed a concise training solution for local and regional authorities, and business support organ…

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