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Work is currently in process in achieving a number of key strategic objectives that are interlinked in the project workplan:

Civic Energy Network

Build a NSR civic energy network to channel expertise and good practice to local energy networks

Supply and demand synchronization

Synchronize supply and demand for local energy via SME-consumer cooperation within community driven consortiums

Civic energy business models

Develop collaborative and viable business models to shift energy value chains to community domain

Local energy value

Increase the value of local energy through exploitation of untapped renewable energy resources

Research access

Direct innovative smart energy research to solving grid and storage capacity challenges at community level

Remote connections

Connect outlying communities and currently excluded residential areas to state-of-the-art renewable energy networks


Generate acceptance of renewable energy infrastructure though successful communication of the benefits of civic energy

Climate change mitigation

Meet municipal climate change mitigation targets through pooling of neighbouring RE resources inclusive of cross-border cooperation

Guidelines for adoption

Compile guidelines for regional adoption of piloted solutions building on existing tools such as Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Toolkit


Powerful stakeholder consortiums have been established in all pilot areas


o   Osnabrück, Germany

o   Emmen, The Netherlands

o   Highlands and Islands, Scotland

o   Ringkøbing-Skjern, Denmark

o   East Flanders, Belgium and

o   Østfold, Norway


with current activities directed towards building civic energy enterprises in each pilot region. More details available at https://civic-energy.eu/regions