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Civic Energy Informer
Final product that captures all of COBEN's experiences and results in a support tool for future adopters.
You can find the Informer here

COBEN "Highlight" Report Summer 2021 (May-September)
No slow summer for the COBEN team! Read about our achievements of summer 2021 here (PDF, 371 KB)


COBEN "Highlight" Report Mar/Apr 2021
Spring has sprung! Find out what the COBEN team has been up to here (PDF, 358 KB)

Heat transition vision
Sustainable heat for Oostveld - Eeklo [download here (PDF, 4,64 MB)]


Heat vision Eeklo
The challenge "Sustainable Heat" visualized [download report here (PDF, 6,38 MB)]


Analysis and evaluation of civic energy in the Flemish wind sector
Report on the models of local added value in wind projects by the Province of East Flanders [download report here (PDF, 563 KB)]


Position Paper on European Energy Communities
Review of the status quo of the European policy landscape for energy communities


COBEN "Highlight" Report Jan/Feb 2021
Read COBEN's first update on activities and highlights of 2021 here (PDF, 212 KB)

COBEN "Highlight" Report Nov/Dec 2020
While 2020 has finally come to an end, COBEN has not! The consortium is continuously putting its efforts into the success of civic energy. However, success rarely comes without some setbacks…
Read about the latest developments in the November/December COBEN Highlight Report (PDF, 208 KB)

[Read the initial Oct/Nov report here (PDF, 358 KB)]

Climate-smart agriculture Østfold received the bronze price for «Local climate measure of the year»

On November 10th, 2020, it was announced that the Norwegian COBEN pilot came third in the selection for best climate action.
Read the full article here (Norwegian)


Regional Studies Association e-zine article: "Civic energy – delivering community benefits of climate action: The COBEN project"

COBEN publication in the Regional Studies Association's e-zine magazine’s special theme Urban and Regional Responses to Climate Emergency.

Energy Future Forum 2020

On February 25, 2020, the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück organized the Energy Future Forum under the title "Community energy supply: vision meets reality". The conference provided a platform to exchange information and discuss perspectives of civic energy in different branches and institutions. (German)


A fossil-free delivery of a fossil-free dryer

Through the project "test av fossilfrie kjøretøy og maskiner" a building company is testing the fossil-free dryer at a building site for drying concrete.


Scottish Government - Local energy policy statement: consultation paper

Published: 9 Oct 2019


COBEN input to new strategy for enlarged Viken County Council

Much of the content of the COBEN project has become part of the political platform for the new Viken county council. The new political platform for the newly established Viken region includes goals for fossil free farming and civic energy, aiming to continue and expand the pioneering work initiated in the COBEN project. https://www.viken2020.no/nyheter/ap-sp-mdg-og-sv-vil-styre-viken-sammen.111843.aspx


Delivering civic energy benefits to the community in Ringkøbing-Skjern.

Tangible benefits of civic energy are now being reaped by citizens throughout the municipality: 

  • 429 homeowners are enjoying lower energy bills and improved indoor climate.
  • Citizens are now sharing local cars and benefiting from carpooling schemes
  • A greener and more flexible transport system has been intorduced to rural areas.
  • 5 Communities have lowered the energy consumption  


COBEN Conference in Østfold challenges politicians 

At the COBEN conference on June 13, 2019 local, regional and national politicians were challenged on climate smart and fossil-free agriculture, and on how to better accommodate the establishment of more civic energy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAgUU1C1SMc


COBEN business models adopted in Drenthe Regional Strategy

The COBEN business models are involved in the Regional Energy Strategy Drenthe which aims on 49% CO2 reduction in 2030: https://www.regionale-energiestrategie.nl/home/default.aspx


Emmen pioneers community ownership of energy systems

New Emmen spatial planning directive stipulates 20% citizens ownership of new solar installations. Installation of two new solar fields installed: Zonnige Start and Nieuw-Oranjepoort now ready for production. Both installations are to be run by local cooperatives.


Fossil-free by 2030 Seminar shows how to make it happen in Østfold. https://klimaostfold.no/2018/08/29/biogassproduksjon-pa-gard-muligheter-finnes/


Energy Savings Trust: unlocking the potential of community energy. https://energysavingtrust.org.uk/blog/developing-community-energy-some-help-europe


Digitalization potential

The potential for optimization of civic energy processes through digitalization undergoes a systematic analysis: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-658-25210-6_53


Sustainability via community energy: Local Energy Scotland stages CARES Conference 2019. https://www.localenergy.scot/media/110543/cares-conference-2019-agenda.pdf


Final Report on the general conditions for Local Heating Networks

Report on Framework Conditions for District Heating Neworks; on behalf of the district of Osnabrück (German).
Abschlussbericht - Rahmenbedingungen für Nahwärmenetze (PDF, 3,2MB) 


Guideline Framework Conditions for Local Heating Networks

Guide to projecting district heating networks; on behalf of the district of Osnabrück (German).
Leitfaden Rahmenbedingungenfür Nahwärmenetze (PDF, 6,7MB)


COBEN Norway co-hosts seminar for farmers as energy producers. Norwegian COBEN partner Klimasmart Landbruk Østfold together with the Royal Norwegian Society for Development helps farmers become energy producers. https://norgesvel.no/arkiv/veien-mot-et-klimavennlig-landbruk-article1308-28.html


City of Eeklo promotes heat network
The city of Eeklo has launched a website to inform citizens of details of the new heat network to be delivered by Veolia and Ecopwer. https://www.warmteneteeklo.be/


Danish magazine feature on getting rid of concerning oil boilers and saving money, distributed to relevant households. http://epages.nordadvertising.dk/skift-olie-og-gasfyret-midt-og-vestjylland/page/8-9


Checklist for replacing oil-based heating. https://klimaostfold.no/2016/10/04/sjekkliste-for-utskiftning-av-fossil-oppvarming/


Ringkøbing-Skjern's e-mobility pilot now serving the community of Vestrum: https://www.rksk.dk/nyheder/kommunen/oktober/fuld-fart-fremad-i-elektrisk-vestrum


Guide to developing Local Energy Plans. Local Energy Scotland releases updated guide and toolkithttps://www.localenergy.scot/resources/cares-toolkit/downloadable-tools/guide-to-community-led-local-energy-planning/


Fossil-free grain dryer now installed in Østfold: Video with Martin Norderhang explaining the benefits for the farming community and the construction industry


Challenges facing regionalization of energy supply chains analysed in Journal of Cleaner Production https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2018.02.251


New civic energy process design: A process approach to mainstreaming civic energy https://northsearegion.eu/media/7116/energies-11-02914.pdf


Heat Networks Guideline for Municpalities https://northsearegion.eu/media/7117/energielandschap-toolkitwarmtenetten-a4lig-bw-cc18_en_web-2.pdf


Technology Overview: Waste Heat Utilization https://northsearegion.eu/media/7108/20181101080851_technologieberichtpinaenglishfinal.pdf


A Guide to Developing Local Energy Plans March 2018 https://northsearegion.eu/media/7115/local-energy-plan-working-methodology-mar-2018-v1.pdf


Barra & Vatersay Local Energy Plan July 2018 https://northsearegion.eu/media/7112/barravatersay-lep-july-2018-final.pdf


Brae Local Energy Plan July 2018 https://northsearegion.eu/media/7109/brae-lep-july-2018-final-standard.pdf


Drumnadrochit Local Energy Plan July 2018 https://northsearegion.eu/media/7113/drum-lep-july-2018-final.pdf


Oban Local Energy Plan July 2018 https://northsearegion.eu/media/7114/oban-lep-july-2018-final.pdf


Industrial Surplus Heat: Savings Potential in the region of Osnabrück 

PINA Flyer (22.03.2017)
Industrial Surplus Heat Potential in Osnabrück Region (PDF, 1,52MB) 


Video by Lokaal Opgewekt Emmen introduces community energy to local citizens https://www.lokaalopgewektemmen.nl/