December 2018: Civic energy is here to stay

Year 2 of the COBEN project has seen a boom of activity in mainstreaming civic energy and promoting the shift from the centralised energy system to local value chains. The COBEN pilots have convincingly demonstrated the wide range real benefits for communities that take (back) control of their energy portfolio.

Long seen as a niche affair, civic energy has now been given a clear process design, the Civic Energy Cycle, that makes it easier for local initiatives to structure their mobilization and planning efforts more effectively. This is a first key step to professionalizing civic energy.

With hundreds of stakekolders now enrolled in each COBEN pilot the potential of community energy has been extended beyond the former focus on electricity generation:

  • In Eeklo, East Flanders, the launch of a new district heating network run by a public-private partnership was celebrated at the Eeklo Heat Conference. A comprehensive guide has been published to trigger the spread of civic energy throughout the province.
  • Ringkjøbing-Skjern in West Jutland has empowered village energy clubs to promote home energy renovation via participatory budgeting with a common village heating solution now underway in Stauning. Holiday home rental agencies have been enrolled to promote energy optimization. Close cooperation with village clusters has resulted in inroads into a “Citizen Driven Transport System” that exploits new potentials for local ownership.
  • Østfold County Council and the County Governor have joined forces with the farming community to use the procurement tools of the Agrol farmers’ cooperative to make the vision of fossil-free farming a real option for the very near future.
  • In the Dutch municipality of Emmen two cooperative-run solar fields have been installed with the help of the service desk Lokaal Opgewekt Emmen. The team is equipped with all the project management, financial, tax, legal, technical and spatial planning expertise needed to support citizen renewable energy initiatives and is currently mobilizing a 20% local share in new RE projects. Civic energy projecting extends to cross-border prosumer cooperation with the German town of Haren. The goal is to secure the revenues of energy trading within the region to the benefit of local communities.
  • The district of Osnabrück has seen the set-up of two district heating networks supplied by biogas and natural gas with projecting underway in additional hotspots to manage heat sinks and balance heat demand with waste heat production. The results of 12 feasability studies and a simulation tool to assist waste heat capture are available for transfer of know-how to other communities.
  • In the Highlands & Islands 4 Local Energy Plans have been developed and published for the representative communities of Brae, Drumnadrochit, Barra & Vatersay and Oban together with a Guide to Developing Local Energy Plans. The pilot activities are closely aligned with Scottish Government’s Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies (LHEES). Local Steering Groups oversee implementation of the plans.

The developed civic energy blueprints will be used to promote the transfer of COBEN solutions to other communities. 2019 will see the delivery of the matching business models that are currently being inventorized.

Legislative support for civic energy initiatives is expected from the European Commission’s new energy market design proposals. COBEN will continue its constructive dialogue with DG Energy, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Commmittee of the Regions with a view to establishing a level playing field between centralized corporate energy and local energy initiatives.


November 2017: The first year of COBEN

The first year of the COBEN workplan has focussed on systemizing its strategic approach and on consolidating selected community consortiums that act as hosts to the project’s pilot initiatives. Highlights were generated at two levels:

Project level

  • Welding of a highly committed and cooperative working partnership and installation of effective project management structures
  • Development and adoption of a uniform TQM-based project methodology that implements project strategy and promotes effective cooperation between the pilot projects.
  • Cooperation to promote civic energy initiated with the European Economic and Social Committee
  • Strategy exchanges with two North Sea Commission Working Groups

Pilot project level


  • Consolidation of a powerful regional consortium to promote community climate protection
  • Relase of the PINA online-tool to match waste heat resources and heat demand
  • Selection of five hotspots for the development of civic energy blueprints


  • Set-up of a Collective Development Team to provide all needed expertise for the implementaion of renewable energy projects
  • Start-up support to three solar energy cooperatives provided by the newly established service desk Locally Generated Emmen
  • Adoption of a spatial plan for large-scale solar energy by Emmen City Council


  • Development of a hybrid energy solution at village scale
  • Cooperation with University of Aarhus to provide a heat-on-demand optimization model for households not connected to district heating network
  • Build-up of a consultancy framework for home energy

East Flanders:

  • Successful workshop planning to empower municipalities to take the lead in re-designing heat supply
  • Mobilisation of resources and support for a Heating Congress in Eeklo in 2018
  • Enrolment of business and community support for the launch of the Eeklo Heating Network in April 2018


  • Successful enrolment of the farming community
  • Market Conference to promote solar energy and extensive social media coverage
  • Development of an agricultural procurement partnership to enable alternative energy investments

Highlands & Islands:

  • Enrolment of Scottish Government, Highland & Islands Enterprise, Planning Aid for Scotland and Local Energy Scotland to promote the COBEN objectives
  • Four local areas with representative local energy challenges (Oban, Drumnadrochit, Brae/Shetland, Isle of Barra, Isle of Vatersay) selected as COBEN focus areas out of 22 Expressions of Interest; Local Steering Groups launched in each location
  • Development of three tenders for methodology and modelling, community stakeholder engagement and implementation support and expertise

Civic Energy Conference, Oldenburg, 18.09.2019

12 August 2019

Welcome to the World of Civic Energy

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