Welcome to COBEN's webspace. COBEN is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2022.

COBEN focusses on civic society as the key driver of the transition to renewables-based energy. The project aims to support a shift of energy value chains from centralized utilities to community-owned renewable energy enterprises that provide tangible economic, environmental and social benefits to enrolled citizens. Such benefits include profit sharing, rebates, investment in social services, community infrastructure and climate protection. A systematic process management approach involving local energy operations, innovation centres, municipalities, SME clusters and cooperatives not only mobilizes local energy potentials in representative NSR communities but also demonstrates to later adopters how to make civic energy work.

As a final project product, the Civic Energy Informer has been developed:
It captures all experiences and results from the COBEN project based on the Civic Energy Cycle and works as a support tool for future adopters. 

Check out the Civic Energy Informer here!