Province of Friesland


Friesland wants to make the transition to a circular economy as quickly as possible. An important way to drive this is by means of circular purchasing and tendering. The public sector in Friesland purchases more than €1 billion annually, resources that can be used directly to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. The public sector in Friesland has agreed on a common ambition towards circular procurement: maximal circular purchasing by 2025. Our pilot is about executing this common ambition: what governance is needed to make all involved parties work around this common ambition? The common ambition on circular procurement is signed by the executives of the following public authorities: Province of Friesland, the 18 municipalities of Friesland, the Frisian Water Board, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

The agreements made in the ambition document are:

- By 2020, we will purchase at least 10% of our physical products circularly.

- We will only opt for circularly produced street furniture.

- In case of replacement within the fleet, we use vehicles based on non-fossil fuels.

The ambition document is a major step forward towards a circular economy. The aim of the pilot is to operationalize this ambition manifest. A clear structure needs to be established on how we work together in Friesland in the field of circular procurement. By learning from and with each other we can move forward. The first steps have been taken by signing the ambition document, now it is time for action to accelerate the movement!


In the photo: Femke de Jong, pilot manager circular procurement.



In the photo: Sander Bos, project manager.