Destination Fyn

Destination Fyn – a part of Business Hub Fyn

The destination of Fyn (Funen) is a Danish Island in the centre of Denmark with around 500.000 inhabitants, 1.000 km of coastline and an archipelago with 90+ islands.

The primary objective with the circular transition is to move the companies in the Fyn tourism cluster in a sustainable direction and make it easier for tourists to make sustainable choices when on Fyn.

Destination Fyn wants to be at the forefront of this development in selected and prioritized areas, where we as a tourism organization (DMO) can create a strong and competitive positioning as a sustainable destination.

At the same time, we want to take active responsibility for promoting sustainability in general in the tourism industry.

The sustainable tourism strategy is being developed as part of the common green vision “Fyn 2030”.Our ambition is to get as many tourism companies as possible on the journey and gives the industry an understanding of how to work with sustainability. In the coming years, Destination Fyn will thus focus both on a competence effort that will get the Fyn tourism companies on the sustainability journey, but also a development effort, where specific work is done with selected narrow efforts within the tourism segment, which in the coming years will position Fyn as a destination with sustainable experiences and strengthen Fyn’s profile in a sustainable context. Based on the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we have through analysis work identified sustainable goals 8, 11 and 17 as essential for our work with sustainability

Destination Fyn's role in relation to sustainability in the tourism industry will thus consist of:   

-       Move the tourism companies on Fyn a bit in the sustainable direction - regardless of their starting point today

-       Facilitate knowledge sharing on sustainability across tourism actors

-       Increase the number of sustainable tourism experiences at the destination

-       Strengthen Fyn’s position as a sustainable destination

Based on the above, Destination Fyn’s work with sustainability will consist of the following offers for the Fyn tourism companies:

1)    General sparring around sustainability

Initial screening interview based on a tourism-specific version of the UN sustainable development goals.

2)    Sustainable strategy and action plan

3)    Networking

  1. An open professional course, typically in a combination of network meetings and external presenters.
  2. An in-depth course for tourism companies who already know that they will work more in depth with their sustainability strategies and implementation of sustainable initiatives. The companies commit to the course, and there will be financial help to get from programs in Business Hub Fyn.

The specific content of the networking process is put together in close collaboration with the companies. The network courses run in parallel, and the more in-depth courses are started up as interest in them arises.

4)    Development of sustainable experiences

This is a business development effort based on the tourism companies' existing product portfolio or new product development.

5)    A sustainable destination

Destination Fyn wants to position Fyn as a sustainable destination and work on the basis of some selected specific visions. This is a business development effort, with a focus on the destination as a whole.

  1. Sustainable transport - promotion of electric transport, public transport and cycling.
  2. Local culture & products - promoting the use of local products. [MM1] 
  3. Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDS)

The development will be driven by Destination Fyn, with the tourism companies as partners.

Sustainable actions oversight

The efforts consist of:

- Common Fyn strategy for sustainability in tourism: Impressions with a positive output

Sustainability barometer - Tourism Fyn 2022

GDSi – Global Sustainability Index (Odense, Svendborg, Nyborg and Middelfart)

- Funding via Business Hub Fyn, including targeted GCO courses and SME:Green

GTO certification of Destination Fyn (Green Tourism Organization)

- Climate People's Meeting 2021 and 2022

- Workshops, webinars and events

- CO2 calculation of Funen tourism (2023)

- Guides to sustainability:

Communication about sustainability

Guide to sustainable transition

Environmental certification and labeling

Make your event more sustainable

- Business course 2022 - 2024:

Communication about sustainability

Get help with your sustainability certification

o Strategic impact measurement - CO2 (2023)

o Sustainable Value Chains (2023)






In the photo: Business Developer, Mark Hauge Østergaard