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4 pilots in the region of Helsingborg 

The project will test in a number of pilots what promotes the development of circular economy, both practical solutions and control models. The pilots are linked to the upcoming international city fair in Helsingborg, H22 


House of resources 

In the new part of the City, the Ocean harbour, we test to collect a new way to collect residual resources, to take care of the delivery of e-commerce and food delivery as well as various mobility solutions at the neighborhood level. We do it in a way that can increase social interaction in the neighborhood. In this way, we can increase the quality of life and streamline the transports in the area.     



Eva Stål, projectleader at NSR 


Reco Lab in English  

Reco Lab is a new building at the Öresund treatment plant in the Ocean harbor areaAt Reco Lab we are is building a completely new operating facility that will receive the three sewage streams in the unique source-sorting sewage system, which is being built in the Ocean harbor. This operation is a step towards better circular and local nutrient and water recycling. Next to the operating facility, a test bed and a showroom are being built - together the three units form a unique recovery lab. The Interreg project will fund the English exhibition material, so that knowledge of the unique three-pipe system can be spread to many different actors in the EU.





Amanda Haux, projectleader at NSVA AB,


Get the circular economy going in Helsingborg    

Work with the action plan for circular economy in the city of Helsingborg and measures within the regional waste plan. Among other things, we will develop three packages of measures to kick-start the circular economy: For the residents, through procurement, and by improving collection systems. 


Christina Zoric Persson, projectleader in the City of Helsingborg.  


The City of Helsingborg coordinates and facilitates between local, regional and internationell levels 


Åsa Berglund, project coordinator in the Ciyty of  


Academic expert in circular economy at Lund university in Helsingborg 

Through the experiences of the various pilots and from previous EU projects, common aspects will be highlighted in terms of directing, leading, and influencing in order to promote circular solutions. The experience will be developed into a common Toolbox, which will be available online. The work is led by Roskilde University, Hamburg's World Economics Institute (HWWI) and Lund University, but also involves other partners in the project. 


Hervé Corvellec, Professor Servicemanagement Campus Helsingborg, Lunds universitet. 


Study visits  

The project members will meet once every six months, in April and October. Then there are opportunities for a couple of other stakeholders to follow as well. We will send out expressions of interest when the time comes! 


You can find us on the web here 


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