The Hamburg Bottle

11 February 2022 - Published by Elisabeth Krey Jenssen

On the 3d of February, project partner HWWI has given a presentation in an international webinar, organised by Interreg Europe, about a circular economy pilot that is executed in Hamburg, called the Hamburg Bottle. The core objective is to establish a regional cycle for polyethylene within the scope of the complete recycling of plastics. Together with the province of Fryslan, they are member of the REPLACE project.REPLACE aims at improving management, implementation and monitoring of regional policy instruments, targeted at facilitating the transition towards a Circular Economy (REPLACE | Interreg Europe). The project runs from 1.08.2019 till 31.07.2023. The project is lead by the Region of Lazio and involves partners from Poland, Greece, Portugal, France, Romania and Belgium. Please find the PPT here.