The Frisian circular economy

25 March 2021 - Published by Elisabeth Krey Jenssen

The week of the circular economy in Fryslân, the Netherlands started at the first of February. There were 20 activities and over 20 organizers and an extensive Frisian program. It is meant to make the circular economy as understandable and recognizable for everyone with this week. With concrete examples, the week makes the circular economy tangible for everyone – citizens, companies and policy makers alike.

The week of the circular economy in Fryslân is organized by Circulair Friesland, in cooperation with multiple organizations, governments, educational institutions and entrepreneurs.
The activities of this week are very diverse. There were webinars about how your meals can be more sustainable and a ‘fuck up’ event to share failures in circular projects. Of course with the goal of learning. Special attention was raised to circular procurement in a well visited workshop for policy makers and project leaders.

The week of the circular economy in Fryslân shows that it is important to cooperate with others who are interested in making the region more circular. There is so much possible by working together between educational institutions, entrepreneurs and governments.