Rogaland Biogas Network has been established

21 April 2021 - Published by Elisabeth Krey Jenssen

– When fighting for the climate, we must use all sustainable solutions, and biogas can be particularly well suited for Rogaland.

This was said by County Mayor of Rogaland Marianne Chesak during the digital opening of Rogaland Biogas Network on the 19th of February. Over 130 biogas stakeholders in the region joined the session. Among the participants were both raw material suppliers, gas receivers, the construction industry, the food industry, politicians, public employees and other actors interested in biogas.

– Innovation and development take place in collaboration with others – the best solutions are found when we meet, said Chesak, and at the same time she challenges the biogas initiatives in the region to become more visible. This is something the biogas network will contribute to.

In the photo: County Mayor Marianne Chesak during the digital opening of Rogaland Biogas Network.

Great interest in biogas

The purpose of the Rogaland Biogas Network is to be a neutral supporter of the regional biogas initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen the agricultural sector. The interest in biogas is great, as over 130 people joined the Teams meeting to hear the five biogas initiatives in the region present themselves.

The network will facilitate collaboration through various meeting places and collaboration platforms, as innovation and development take place where different competences meet. We will make it possible for partners to find and benefit from each other when appropriate, without compromising commercial interests. The network will through workshops, a FAQ service, a digital cooperation platform and a Facebook page contribute to spreading and building knowledge and make the biogas related activity in the region more visible.

A good thing for the agricultural sector in Rogaland

Rogaland is an important food producing region in Norway, and if we are to maintain – and preferably increase – the food production and value creation, we must take care of and develop existing productions.

– Biogas production can contribute to development of the agricultural sector if we can find solutions for the biogas residues and solve the challenges connected to high phosphorus levels in the soil.If we can reduce the use of mineral fertilizers, the farmers profitability can increase, and it can lead to better water quality and contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, says project manager of the biogas network Helga Hellesø.

In the photo: Rogaland Biogas Network Project manager Helga Hellesø.

National and international funding

The biogas network is funded by Rogaland County Council through the «Strategy for bioeconomy 2018 - 2030», the Norwegian Environment Agency and through the Interreg project Circular North Sea Regions – Improving Governance for the Circular Economy (Circ-NSR).