Reco Lab

12 February 2021 - Published by Elisabeth Krey Jenssen

Reco Lab is a new building at the sound between Helsingborg and Elsingore, at the water treatment plant in the Ocean Harbor area. Reco Lab is building a completely new facility, that will receive the three different sewage streams in the unique source-sorting sewage system, which is being built right now. This operation is a step towards better circular and local nutrient and water recycling. Next to the operating facility, a test bed and a showroom are being built - together the three units form a unique recovery lab. The Interreg project will fund the English exhibition material, so that knowledge of the unique three-pipe system can be spread to many actors around the European Union.

Outside the city, we are working with local farmers to conduct cultivation trials with the fertilizer we have created from the three-pipe system. We have just obtained the results from the first season. And the the results are good. During City Expot 2022, Reco lab's exhibitions are ready to receive curious visitors from all countries!

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