Public Lecture by Mrs Nina Rappaport in Leiedal

09 March 2022 - Published by Elisabeth Krey Jenssen

On the 26.04.2022, there will be a public Lecture by Mrs Nina Rappaport, a New York architectural critic, curator and educator in Leiedal. She is the  founder of the Vertical Urban Factory, a think-tank that bridges both academic research and a consultancy on urban manufacturing space and industrial culture in productive cities. The extensive research has resulted in a large study and a travelling exhibition.  Both toolsexplore  the historic and contemporary concepts for the design, structure, mechanization, and economics of multi-storied factories, and their relationship to the urban environment. Considering her experience and knowledge, she is supporting the development of the vertical mixed used factory at the Stapel.  The lecture will take place in the Leiedal Region. More practical information follows.  As to Vertical Urban Factory: