Ocean harbor in Helsingborg Sweden - H22's blue area opens up for Circularity 30th of May – 3th of July 2022

29 November 2021 - Published by Elisabeth Krey Jenssen

During the H22 City Expo, which kicks off next summer, special emphasis will be placed on four main areas: Ocean harbor, Drottninghög, Slottshagen and the City area.

In Ocean harbor, exploration and playfulness meet science under the theme "Open up for Circularity". At first glance, the area is a completely new district with beautiful views of the Sound.

But what is really exciting is what is bubbling beneath the surface, where the responsibility for life in the sea is taking on a new form and where the city has taken the circular thinking to a world-class level.

Here you will find RecoLab and House of Resources, our Intereg CIRC pilot projects!

Recently, H22 released more than 160 program items on the web. Many more are added over time, so it pays to go in and examine the program a little now and then.

There you will find the our Interreg CIRC Seminar on 21th of June 2022 – Kickstart Circular Economy in Five Regions Around the North Sea.

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