April 2022 CIRC NSR – Intercommunale Leiedal - Developing concepts for the design of a circular stacked multi-purpose large-scale industrial building in Kortrijk : DE STAPEL

02 June 2022 - Published by Elisabeth Krey Jenssen

Within the spatial policy in Flanders, the Flemish Government formulates the ambition to use the built-up space more intelligently, in order to be able to realise the European objective of 0% extra land uptake by 2050.

Therefore, the KUL Faculty of Architecture Sint-Lucas has launched a design course for its students in order to develop different concepts for a circular stacked multi-purpose large-scale industrial building in Kortrijk.

The building had to be realised in a circular and sustainable way, inside as in relation to the direct surroundings. The entire life cycle of the building had to be taken into account, from design through realisation, operation, maintenance and end of life. Through architectural and spatial quality and a good relation with the environment, the students have been searching for a timeless quality that ensures a building that is less subject to fashions and trends. The students have worked together in a studio format, whereby they learned from each other. Feedback on the work of the students was given by the Intercommunale Leiedal and a team of experts. The result of the work of the students has been collected and published in a concept book about De Stapel:



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