25-26.11.2021. CIRC NSR partners come together at LEIEDAL

10 December 2021 - Published by Elisabeth Krey Jenssen

Notwithstanding the cancellation of the NSR conference in Brugge, all the partners of the CIRC NSR have come together at Leiedal, for the first time since the approval of the project in spring 2020.

On the 25th of November, a partnership steering group was organised whereby the different aspects of the project implementation were discussed within the group. There was a particular attention to the progress of each the pilots. Circular tourism, the webinar on circular procurement, the organisation of the H22 city Expo in Helsingborg (H22 I The making of a smarter city I Welcome to Helsingborg) were presented to a lively public.  The first working-day was concluded by launching the first ideas, related to the set-up of a Circular economy Governance Toolbox.

The next day was called DWL, the Day Without Laptops. Boots and jackets inspired the dress code in order to visit some projects of Leiedal. First of all, the partners made a stop at the EVOLIS business park, where the Stapel will be constructed on basis of a circular concept. The Daltons will secure the construction works at the site, until the moment that the building will have reached its height.


Thereafter, the partners were transferred to the Transfo-site, where an old electrical production plant is in full reconversion, balancing between heritage conservation, the introduction of new functions and promoting sustainable and circular solutions for the overall management of the site.




The morning-visits were concluded with a lunch at the brand-new brewery that has built up its circus-tents on the Transfo-site (De Circus brouwerij – Omdat het leven aan de durvers is).