Invitation workshop 27.09.2022 at Intercommunale Leiedal (18h-21h) - DE STAPEL


Invitation workshop 27.09.2022 at Intercommunale Leiedal (18h-21h) - DE STAPEL

Circular industrial buildings: challenge or Utopia?


As a major consumer of materials, water, space and energy, the construction sector has an enormous impact on the environment, whereby its production processes and financing is organized according to the principles of the linear economy.

How can one promote the transition to a circular and low-carbon economy in the context of building and managing industrial buildings?

Circular economy is about much more than just recycling. It is also about fundamentally rethinking products and production processes, such as introducing lifespan extension, reducing material impact, strengthening reusability, testing new revenue models, lifecycle costing etc.

During this 3d workshop, the following questions will be explored:

- can you design industrial buildings and materials that can be used again?

- can circular business models be developed that are aimed at keeping resources in the cycle as long as possible?

Welcome on 27.09.2022 at 6 pm in the offices of Intercommunale Leiedal, president Kennedypark 10, 8500 Kortrijk. Admission is free. Registration is required. Working language : Dutch

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