1.09.2022-3.09.2022 Climate Summit in Middelfart


The region of FYN has actively participated in the organisation of the Climate Summit in Middelfart.

The Climate Summit is an annual event that puts the climate and the climate adaptation as the core topic within the events.

The purpose of the Climate People's Meeting is simply to inspire action – both for decision-makers, companies, organizations and citizens. This year's theme is 'Climate action together'.

The ambition of the Climate People's Meeting is to cement itself as the national event that really puts the climate challenge on the agenda and creates common solutions. The Climate People's Meeting is a non-commercial event. The climate people's meeting has three legs: one popular, one political and one professional.

Links: https://klimafolkemoedet.dk/klimafolkemoedets-program-2022/

Links: https://klimafolkemoedet.dk/wp-content/uploads/Klimahandlingsplan-2022-1.pdf