Welcome to Circ-NSR's website. Circ-NSR is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020.

Circ-NSR is in its initial phases and will update this space shortly.


Latest Project News

Action plan to promote sharing economy and circular economy in Helsingborg

26 July 2021

The City of Helsingborg have adopted and translated an “Action plan to promote sharing and circular economy in Helsingborg”. It is one of the deliver…

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The unique bridge of Ritsumasyl

21 June 2021

The new bridge of Ritsumasyl has replaced the previous bridge, to make the road for the ships more safe and comfortable, because of the width of 17 …

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Circular bridge control centre It Swettehûs

07 May 2021

After completion, the new Swettehûs in Leeuwarden will be the most circular building in Friesland and perhaps in the Netherlands. This new control c…

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No Waste, Only Resources

07 May 2021

As a part of the Interreg project CIRC in the North Sea Region we held an international webinar about the challenges of a circular economy in He…

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Rogaland Biogas Network has been established

21 April 2021

– When fighting for the climate, we must use all sustainable solutions, and biogas can be particularly well suited for Rogaland.

This was said…

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