Project Objectives

The overall objective is translated into five detailed project objectives:

1. Identifying state of the art and scoping needs of midsize cities

The aim is to engage partner cities at the start of the project to identify their needs in climate adaptation, to determine the current situation and to perform a baseline study in these midsize cities. Stakeholder involvement on this level will be organised via existing partner networks and an advisory group of midsize cities and water authorities.

2. Design a tool for re-designing urban water management

The aim is to design a decision support tool for midsize cities that will help to formulate long term climate adaptation strategies with the highest impact on climate resilience related to the desired situation of a water sensitive city. The dashboard will be based on the specific needs of midsize cities and will be user friendly to ensure adoption of the tool.

3. Valuation of decision support tools and joint development and implementation of pilots

The aim is to come to a joint development and implementation of pilots with help of the results of the benchmark and the draft version of the and dashboard. The actual outcomes will be tested, allowing the project to evaluate the accuracy of the tools and to refine/combine them to provide the optimum solutions for mid-size cities.

4. Building climate adaptation strategies

The aim is to build a climate adaptation strategy for the local partners by analysing the lessons learned from the pilots and evaluating all knowledge gained in the project and to develop a generic roadmap to support other midsize cities in this process.

5. Uptake of project innovations and dissemination

The aim is to promote the wide uptake of the project’s innovations and experiences by addressing the main target groups inside the project on the pilot level and outside the project with a specific focus on midsize cities and water authorities.