Pilot Projects

In the CATCH project, the partners have selected seven pilot areas in which they have tested urban climate adaptation measures. Below you find a list with the details of each pilot.

Map Pilot Cities | CATCH Interreg North Sea Region

Arvika, SWEDEN (view on google maps)
No. of citizens: 14.000
Land area: 11 km2
Water bodies: Bay Kyrkviken | Glafsfjorden
Adaptation strategy: Making cities resilient in Sweden
Pilot project: Reduction of climate change effect on water quality

ENSCHEDE, THE NETHERLANDS (view on google maps)
No. of citizens: 158.004
Land area: 143 km2
Water bodies: Twente canal | Roombeek brook | Glanerbeek brook
Adaptation strategy: Flood mgmt strategy | Climate Active City programme
Pilot project: Pinkeltjesplein (EN: Pinkeltjes Square); stepping stone in the restoration of city brook 'Stadsveld'

Herentals, BELGIUM (view on google maps)
No. of citizens: 27.000
Land area: 48 km2
Water bodies: river Kleine Nete
Adaptation strategy: MIRA Climate report 2015
Pilot project: Space for water in the city valley

Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM (view on google maps)
No. of citizens: 27.244
Land area: 49 km2
Water bodies: river Wensum
Adaptation strategy: Norfolk Climate Change strategy | Green Infrastructure strategy
Pilot project: Community led technological solutions for flood protection in Norwich

OLDENBURG, GERMANY (view on google maps
No. of citizens: 163.830
Land area: 103 km2
Water bodies: river Hunte | river Haaren
Adaptation strategy: Nordwest 2050 | Fahrplan für Klimaanpassung und Resilienz in der Metropolregion Bremen-Oldenburg im nordwesten
Pilot project: Traffic information for road users during heavy rainfall

Vejle, DENMARK (view on google maps
No. of citizens: 54.830
Land area: 144 km2
Water bodies: Vejle fjord | river Vejle | river Grejs
Adaptation strategy: Vejle's Resilience Strategy
Pilot project: Improve flood resilience of the city of Vejle

Zwolle, THE NETHERLANDS (view on google maps
No. of citizens: 123.507
Land area: 119 km2
Water bodies: river IJssel | river Vecht | river Aa | river Zwarte Water
Adaptation strategy: Water Agenda | Climate Active City programme | Climate Proof Zwolle
Pilot project: Climate Adaptation strategy | Spoorzone (Railway area) community