Arvika Municipality

Arvika Teknik AB (ARV)

CATCH | Swedish Municipality Arvika


Why is Arvika Municipality participating in CATCH?

One aspect of climate change and urban flooding which Arvika has not addressed so far, is water quality. Heavy rainfall in urban areas wash the streets clean but the polluted storm water is discharged in lake Kyrkviken without any treatment. Within CATCH Arvika has two main goals: to test innovative ways to reduce pollution and to develop a communication strategy for stakeholder involvement in climate change with help of the knowledge and experiences of the CATCH partners.

What is your main role in the project?

Within the CATCH partnership Arvika is very experienced in building climate adaptation strategies for extreme flooding events. These experiences are of great interest to the other partners in the project and will help to optimise and enrich the dashboard function for midsize cities that will be developed in CATCH. The new challenge for Arvika is community building. Arvika hopes to be supported and inspired by the knowledge and experiences of the other partners.

What experience do you have with regards to climate adaptation?

Arvika is a role model city in the UNISDR Making Cities Resilient campaign, thanks to ambitious work with climate change adaptation related to floods, ever since a big flood affected Arvika in year 2000. Arvika Teknik AB has a large knowledge of problem solving and taking action in situations connected to flooding, i.a. at the moment Arvika Teknik AB is building a flood barrier but is also responsible for water management and maintenance of the infrastructure within the municipality of Arvika.

What is the organisation’s experience in participating EU co-financed projects or other international projects?

Arvika is an experienced partner in European funded projects. They participated in the relevant NSR project Flows and Climate Proof Areas. Within these projects Arvika has been working with different aspects of climate change: floods caused by high water levels in the lake and urban floods caused by heavy rainfall. Arvika has taken part in the UNISDR project Scorecard (Ten Essentials) where the purpose is to inventorize strengths and weaknesses of the city and make a plan for more resilience.