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CATCH | Swedish County Administrative Board Värmland


Why is the County Administrative Board Värmland participating in CATCH?

VCAB aims to improve knowledge about (the impact of) climate change, will raise awareness among cities and other stakeholder groups and encourages the implementation of preventive measures through dialogue with the cities and other stakeholders. CATCH will help VCAB to prioritize its activities, increases the results of the dialogues, improve awareness raising on the effects of climate change on storm water related actions, and will increase the level of knowledge within the own organisation.

What is your main role in the project?

VCAB will bring specific experience to CATCH on the relation of regional partners and midsize cities in developing long term climate adaptation strategies. Furthermore the VCAB will work on the dissemination of the CATCH project results. As a linking pin between the local and national level, and with its own European networks, VCAB will address politicians and policy makers to convince them to support midsize cities in accelerating the formulation of climate adaptation strategies.

What experience do you have with regards to climate adaptation?

In the county of Värmland there are 16 municipalities. VCAB fulfils an important role in environmental and climate initiatives in the county. They coordinate environmental efforts, disseminate knowledge, work with environmental goals and monitoring, water management and climate and energy issues. VCAB supervises all activities which have an impact on the environment. With 16 cities and municipalities VCAB is very experienced in communication with those authorities about climate change.

What is the organisation’s experience in participating EU co-financed projects or other international projects?

VCAB is very experienced in working with European transnational projects and European interregional projects. In INTERREG 4B, VCAB participated in 7 North Sea projects and 5 INTERREG 4C projects. VCAB was the lead partner of the successful INTEREG IVB NS projects E-CLIC and DANS ON.